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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Captain's Blog: Stardate one-zero-zero-six-twenty-ten.

I can picture it now....sitting on the deck of a large spaceship, staring out at the billions of stars, drinking my coffee, and eating junior mints.  Aaaaahhhh.......  All while kicking alien butt!  In your face Captain Kirk!

Yes, so....not only do I love Autumn, but I am a Sci-Fi junkie too.

With that said, I wanted to share a couple of Etsy's Geekery items! 

Star Trek Sterling Silver Pendant

A sterling silver Star Trek pendant by Starbright Silver Jewellry.  I really like this pendant -- it's geeky but sophisticated!  

My husband and I are also fans of  Stargate.  This piece from Takit, is simple and pretty, and it's a subtle statement of your favorite show. 

Stargate Pendant Necklace

Here are a couple of beautiful jewelry pieces chosen from the 'non-geekery' items at Etsy!

This necklace is beautiful, delicate and reminiscent of Autumn!  Loop In Loop Jewelry offers this necklace made with fine silver, amber chips, citrine chips, and freshwater pearls.  What a wonderful display! 

Golden Falling Leaves

One Loom Studio makes gorgeous jewelry from silver art clay!  I really love the natural feel of her shop.  Stop in and take a look at the other nature inspired jewelry available!

Mint Leaf and Sapphire Necklace


  1. I absolutely love the Stargate inspired necklace I'm a huge fan of the show. thank you so much for including my mint leaf and sapphire necklace!

  2. You are welcome! Your jewelry is beautiful!