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Monday, October 18, 2010

Muffin Top Monday

OK Muffin Tops, (and we know who we are), let's not wait until the first of the new year to proclaim "weight loss" as one of our New Year's resolutions!  I have only recently begun the Weight Watchers program (although I did do it last year and lost 25 pounds) -- OK, so I'm re-starting the program to lose some more weight!  This time around I am going to the weekly meetings.  I believe this way I might work a little harder at it, because I have to weigh in every week.  Since I started back on the program couple of weeks ago, I have lost 4.1 pounds!    I encourage anyone to take a look at the WW program -- it really is one of only a FEW that make any real sense.  I know that many of you HATE the idea of counting points, but try it for a week.  You will be surprised at how much you over-eat.  I never realized that I ate enough for two people!  I will admit, it did take about a month for my stomach to shrink so that I wasn't hungry in between meals.  Once that happened, I ate smaller meals (felt better afterwards), watched what I ate between meals, and lost weight! 

I'm not a spokesperson  for WW, I just want to share my experience with you, and if it encourages you to get healthy too -- then that makes me happy! 

So come take a look at the Weight Watchers web site, read through the success stories and the tasty recipes -- get healthy with me!

Weight Watchers


  1. Ya I know a lot of people that do WW and absolutely love the flexability of it.

  2. It just makes sense, and it works! It is the only thing that has ever worked for me.