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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eh?......Am I drooling?

Ok, so this last treasury that I assembled on Etsy just about did me in.  I never realized how many people sell tasty eats on Etsy!  So many tasty, tempting, treats to look through!  With that said, I have to gripe for a minute......  Etsty-ers were complaining the other day about how hard it was to make the front page.  I don't blame them!  When I think of what 'handmade' means to me, I think of the craft shows I have been to.  Quilts, food, painted wood items, crafted dolls, etc.  Etsy has a bad habit of posting too many 'luxe' items on the front page.  IT IS NOT A GOOD REPRESENTATION OF WHAT ETSY IS ABOUT!  Not that the items on the front page aren't beautiful, (perhaps not MY taste), but where is the representation for the rest of the Etsy shops? are a couple of my treasury inspired postings for today!

Halloween Marshmallows

Chocolate Espresso Cake Truffles
White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake


  1. I agree with you about the front page also! The items are beautiful, maybe not my taste though but sometimes I think they are "too pretty" if that makes sense. I had to leave a comment, I just made a halloween treasury and used those marshmallows in it too lol

  2. Shiny Cat:

    I do try to go 'outside' the norm with my treasuries. I understand what you mean by 'too pretty'. I want warm, comfortable, kick-yer-feet-up type stuff! I'm not fancy-schmancy -- I wear sweats and t-shirts!