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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The End of Summer

Today was a beautiful day!  I know, it was cloudy, windy and a little rainy, but after such a LONG stretch of hot (as in magma hot) days, it was a welcome change! 

Thinking of fall..... I will entice you with thoughts of autumn by showing one of my personal favorite necklaces: Autumn Reverie! Beautiful arrangement of cascading colors - seed beads changing from violet, to copper and to moss. An actual epoxied maple leaf sits as the focal to this necklace. Enjoy!

Etsy mention for today is a beautiful ethereal style necklace called Blue Moon Goddess! I found this little gem as I was looking for 'fairy themed' items for a treasury. Vintage Filigree's shop is absolutely enchanting for those who love vintage style!

For those who appreciate and/ or worship all that nature has to offer - White Magick Alchemy offers supplies for divination, rituals, alchemy and more!  Here's my favorite pick!  Use it wisely!

Love Drops

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